out of the moment (jcharles00) wrote,
out of the moment

the dig previously mentioned..

here's a photo from that last post about the dig. i think generally people don't know what to expect when you mention archaeology. in this case, there were 6 pits total. one kind of caved in, one was refilled (i guess they were done with it) and a couple ran out of interesting things.

in the photo, the unit with the guy in the red shirt was really the prized one. it had one or more fire pits, as well as some brick and mortar remnants.

the nearest unit showed some stuff on the ground penetrating radar (where the two raised sections are) but there wasn't much there save for a lens of old shells. lower in that pit was more brick and mortar, so it's likely that both pits are inside of the same feature. i sifted a lot from this pit. there was a ton of tiny decaying brick chunks and mortar, etc, but there were also some interesting flint pieces and both historic and prehistoric pottery sherds.

the pit to the near left was the one that deteriorated. i don't know many details about it since i wasn't there when they were working on it.

the unit to the far left that professor shurr is working in had a "birdstone" which are generally though to be the handle of spear throwing devices called atlatls. when i was there, he didn't find anything more.

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