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it was a busy social weekend.
the hamricks were in town, so i stopped by to see them at a cookout at ians. then i made it down to hunters for a bit.. well, really it was a lot longer than a bit. i was there pretty much all night. that place can be so hit or miss on nights that shows aren't going on, but there were a constant rotation of friends there this time. maria and i decided it would be cool to do a walker tribute band. tony later said he would be in for drumming.

because of the late night we skipped practice, which was a bummer, but realistically, i don't think i could have even done it. it gave me time to rest up for damon and beckys housewarming party which also was a good time. i don't get to see teh boys that often anymore, so any excuse is a good one. chris haskett and the rube clan were there, jessie came up from greencastle, and there were a lot of people from past parties of damon and becky's as well as pub crawls, who i recognized but whose names escape me. it's too bad the miranda sounds didn't come, but they had a big show sunday in columbus which i'm sure influenced their plans.

i blew it sunday and didn't get much done. i did get groceries.+ btw, if anyone wants some "blue crab" dip, let me know. i got a tub of it because it sounded good, but i decided i don't like it in the least.

this morning i decided that i need to attempt to clean the bathroom. i know the whole things going to disintegrate as soon as i touch it, but it's frickin gross. i'm still unsure with what to do with that room. anyway, i was thinking about doing it tonight, but i also really want to get into the studio and finish ripping all the CDs and getting them in the library before tomorrow.

my e-mail has somehow landed on a bunch of french spam lists for parties and concerts. i'm unsure if i am annoyed or amused by this.

VH1 had a top 40 soft rock countdown on yesterday. it was pretty smooth. JD Ryznar and hollywood steve were both on it.
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